Who has the Right Temperament and Personality to be President?

There’s less than 100 days before we will elect a new Commander-in-Chief.  The Republicans have Donald Trump as their nominee, and the Democrats have Hillary Clinton. Now that it is official, we wanted to weigh in with our analysis on what is going on. We will be straight up, and call it as we see it. Although, we will not be endorsing any candidate, we will do our best to provide a fresh and candid perspective.



A Washington Post / ABC News Poll found that 33% of voters say Trump has the right personality and temperament to be President; whereas, in Clinton’s case, 59% of voters say Clinton has the right personality and temperament to be President.

Hilary Clinton has said of Donald Trump:  “He is temperamentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability and immense responsibility.”

Mitt Romney has said of Donald Trump:  “He has neither the temperament nor the judgment to be president and his personal qualities would mean that America would cease to be a shining city on a hill.”  Romney has also said of Trump:  “His is not the temperament of a stable, thoughtful leader.”

Others have questioned Donald Trump’s temperament.  Republicans, democrats, independents, voters, celebrities, business leaders, and television commentators have all said something about his temperament.



In his defense, Trump has made various remarks about his temperament.  His comments have often been made contrasting his temperament to Clinton’s temperament.

“My temperament is so much tougher, and so much better than her temperament.  And by the way, we need a tough temperament.”

“She’s a very dishonest person.  I have one of the great temperaments.”

“I have a winning temperament.  She has a bad temperament. She’s weak.”

“I have a temperament where I know how to win.  She doesn’t know how to win.”

“My temperament is totally controlled, so beautiful.”

“Hillary Clinton wants to be president. But she doesn’t have the temperament, or, as Bernie Sanders said, the judgment, to be president.”

Trump quoted from a book about Clinton by Gary J. Byrne, a former Secret Service officer:  “She simply lacks the integrity and temperament to serve in the office… from the bottom of my soul I know this to be true… Her leadership style — volcanic, impulsive…  disdainful of the rules set for everyone else — hasn’t changed a bit.”



So, the big question is, “Who has the right personality and temperament to be President?”  David Axelrod, best known as the Chief Strategist for Barack Obama’s presidential campaigns said, “Temperament is the key to this election.”  In our blog, we’re going to be looking closely at both candidates’ temperaments.  We’ll compare them to others who are similar in temperament.  We’ll look at the temperaments of voters, past presidents, and other leaders.  In the history of the United States, there has never been a time where temperament has been such a HUGE issue in presidential politics.

In Keirsey Temperament Theory, there are four temperaments, referred to as:  Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals. These four temperaments each have four subtypes, resulting in a total of sixteen personality types.  In our analysis, we would say that Donald Trump is an Artisan, and Hillary Clinton is a Rational.

In the past 100 years, Rational Presidents include:  Barack Obama, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Herbert Hoover.


In the past 100 years, Artisan Presidents include:  George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, Lyndon Johnson, John F. Kennedy, Franklin Roosevelt, and Warren G. Harding.


If we drill further down, Donald Trump is an Artisan Promoter ESTP.  Keywords for the Artisan Promoter include:  Magnetic; Present; Unpredictable; Risk-Taking; Proactive; Tactical).  Hillary Clinton is a Rational Mastermind INTJ.  Keywords for the Rational Mastermind include:  Planning, Self-Confident; Systemic; Utilitarian; Willful; Ingenious.

Here’s the profile of the Artisan Promoter ESTP.

Magnetic:  Artisan Promoters have a knack for knowing where the action is. They have an appreciation and palate for the finer things of life, the best food, the best wine, expensive cars, and fashionable clothes. They have a natural instinct for reading people, and are smooth in social circles, knowing many people by name, and knowing how to say just the right thing to most everyone they meet. Artisan Promoters exude charisma and their flamboyant style makes them irresistibly captivating.

Present:  Artisan Promoters are engaging and fully present with their audience. They poetically persuade others to have confidence in them and to go along with whatever they propose. They are highly energetic and can energize others. Their “in the moment” spontaneity keeps things exciting, and keeps the enterprise moving on the cutting edge. Artisan Promoters are so engaging with people; they are uncanny at reading people’s faces and observing their body language, hypersensitive to the tiniest nonverbal cues that give away the other’s attitudes.

Unpredictable:  These smooth operators are usually something of a mystery to others. Artisan Promoters are always in motion—they become restless when they are not on the move. Since they are always jumping from one activity to the next, they come across as unpredictable, but to themselves, they are actually quite deliberate about their movements. Those that are closest to them are fellow sprinters who move just as quickly. In relationships, others may feel that the only certainty in Artisan Promoters is that things are uncertain.

Risk-Taking:  Artisan Promoters are daring thrill seekers, and feel quite at ease exposing themselves and their enterprises to risk. They firmly believe in the axiom, “The greater the risk, the greater the reward.” The higher the stakes, the more emboldened they become—for it is only when excitement looms in the air, that they are stimulated and come alive. They encourage others to take bold risks as well, and can be impatient with weakness or timidity. These high-rolling entrepreneurs are decisive, and are comfortable with “letting it ride.”

Proactive:  Artisan Promoters cannot not take initiative. They are extremely proactive, and move quickly, aggressively, and preemptively to get to it first before all others do. They have a bias for action, seeking new experiences. And because of their high energy and lightning speed they can be sharp entrepreneurs, able to swing deals and kick-start enterprises in a way very few others can. Rather than working from behind the scenes, Artisan Promoters work best when they are out in front at the helm of the ship.

Tactical:  Artisan Promoters are optimistic and persuasive—without peer as dealmakers, promoters, and negotiators. They are bold, aggressive, and produce results. They can be hard-nosed utilitarians, willing to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals. They are able to advertise or publicize their endeavors, and to maneuver others in the direction they want them to go. It might be said that people are instruments in the hands of these Artisan Promoters, and that they play them artistically.

Here’s the profile of the Rational Mastermind INTJ.

Planning:  Rational Masterminds understand the logical consequences of each move, and easily grasp how each step necessitates or entails the next. They design plans for all the contingencies which are bound to arise. They see the forest from the trees, and foresee systemic errors when any complex project is undertaken. With a supremely objective view, these pragmatists are not easily swayed by emotion, hope, luck, or chance. Rational Masterminds always have a Plan A in mind, but are always prepared to switch to Plan B, C, or D if necessary.

Self-Confident:  Self-confidence is the trademark for Rational Masterminds, and therefore, decisions come easily to them. They are driven toward completion and results, always with an eye to long-term consequences. They have an inner drive that is unparalleled, and are completely self-assured. When their mind is made up, it is because they have sufficiently analyzed the situation, to leave very little room for doubt. Rational Masterminds have a certainty about their capabilities to overcome any obstacles which stand in the way of winning the prize.

Systemic:  Challenges and difficulties are highly stimulating to Rational Masterminds, who thrive on confronting a problem that requires a creative solution. They take a systemic approach in their analysis. Therefore, when they encounter problems of overlapping functions, duplication of effort, inefficient communication channels, and waste of human and material resources, they are quick to realign operations toward the forgotten goal. Rational Masterminds are dedicated individuals whose commitments are directed toward the system.

Utilitarian:  For Rational Masterminds, every plan has a purpose, and every step exists for a reason. Order is never arbitrary—every part must have a deliberate, strategic intent if it is to be included in the master design. At the same time, they are highly adaptive and are always ready to change course if new factors are presented. Plans are never set in stone, as they are always subject to improvement. Rational Masterminds are not concerned with ideas, for their own sake, but rather are interested in ideas for their use and utility in reality.

Willful:  Rational Masterminds have an unusually strong will; they are tenacious, determined, and resolute. At times, because of their drive, and intensity of focus, they can often become single-minded, and can be hard driving with others. They have a competitive force that comes from within, and a fierce iron will, which drives them toward excellence and superiority in every undertaking. They are high achievers, and push themselves harder than anybody else. Rational Masterminds work best when the stakes are high, with people who are highly competent.

Ingenious:  Rational Masterminds make their best contributions with their insights, and are often heralded as providing thought leadership to their various domains of influence. They seek ideas which are relevant for reframing, and aim to reshape reality as it is conventionally perceived. They are ingenious in integrating seemingly contradictory concepts into a unified framework. Rational Masterminds are thoroughgoing pragmatists, seeing reality as nothing more than a chess board for working out and refining their strategies.

So…  Who has the right temperament and personality to be President?  Who will get the job done?  Who will lead us in the right direction?  We will find out in 99 days.  Stay tuned for more on the Presidential Election at the Keirsey Blog.

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  1. Roger D Johnson August 1, 2016 at 11:32 am

    July 2015 I called the Trump Tower and spoke with Donald Trump and Corey Lewandowski and gave them a strategy that I said would guarantee the White House. also a dozen lesser strategies such as don’t speak in absolutes stay off the details be unpredictable principally I coached him in defense to beat the bad rap of narcissist. the principal strategy which I have not described here originates basically from Carl Jung definitely in depth of psychology. In July 2015 a guaranteed Donald Trump will be in the office and I hold that guarantee today.


    1. Thanks for your comment Roger! We’re going to be writing on, “Strategies for Trump” and “Strategies for Clinton.” We’d be interested in your comments on those blog posts. Artisan-Promoters are the most self-promotional of all 16 types… They can definitely come across as a bit narcissist to some. Others find it to be a sign of alpha-strength leadership.


  2. Charles Barnitz August 1, 2016 at 11:42 am

    Anyone trained in psychology who doesn’t recognize the inherent pathology of Trump’s unrestrained narcissism and the danger it presents to the country and the world was either badly trained or is wilfully ignoring the inescapable conclusion.


    1. We’re guessing you’re a Hillary supporter? We hope that you’ll continue to engage with us. We’re going to be presenting both sides… We’re going to write positives and negatives on what a Hillary Clinton presidency would look like, and what what a Donald Trump presidency would be like.


  3. Would you profile Jill Stein?


    1. Nobody cares about Jill Stein.


      1. The tender-hearted Idealists care about Jill Stein!

      2. Those who don’t like the alternatives care deeply about Jill Stein.

    2. We haven’t looked at Jill Stein in depth. Our initial thought was that she is an Idealist. And she will appeal to some Idealists as Bernie Sanders did. Unfortunately, Idealists only represent about 15% of the U.S. population. In general, Idealists gravitate toward the Democratic party. In this election, Bernie already snatched up a lot of the Idealist minority, and after the DNC convention, those Idealists will be split as follows: Some will continue to protest for Bernie and they’ll fill in Bernie’s name on the ballot and vote for him; some will move over to Hillary; some will simply not vote; and a tiny fraction will be exposed to Jill Stein. Idealists live in the land of possibility, but, the truth is, that Jill Stein becoming President would require a miracle.


      1. I love your comment above about idealists caring about Jill Stein! As an NF, I care about anyone who would choose to run for president, and everyone that president will serve. Thanks for the acknowledgement and for a laugh.

      2. We love Idealists! Although they make up only 15% of the general population, we have a higher percentage of Idealists that go through most of our certification training programs than any of the other temperaments.

  4. I have serious doubts that Hillary is a Rational. Cynical beyond belief and lusting for an impact upon other, she has got to be an Artisan. Take a look at Gary Byrne’s *Crisis Of Character* for many examples of her undisguised scorn toward the Secret Service Officers who were supposed to protecting her as well as high level White House staffers whose lives she made miserable. This did not come out of any well thought out strategic plan like Steve Jobs had. Nope, all the people that she was supposed to work with were totally expendable except for Bill Clinton.


    1. Have you ever watched, House of Cards? Kevin Spacey plays Francis Underwood (in our estimation, we think he’s a Rational Mastermind, like Hillary). Claire Underwood plays a different kind or Artisan from what we think Bill Clinton is, but, there’s a lot going on in that show that captures many themes you’d find in the characterization of the Clintons… There’s been speculation on whether House of Cards was about the Clintons. The Clintons are very strategic (at least Hillary is). She’s been planning and executing for decades (similar to the Underwoods). Obviously House of Cards is a drama, and we’re not necessarily saying that the Clintons are evil (although many Americans do think so). You can read about the dynamic between the Rational and Artisan relationship in the Keirsey Magazine. Check out the October 2015 issue: http://keirsey.com/magazine/oct.html. On page 15, you’ll find a write up we did on the combination of Claire and Francis. People can definitely be expendable to a Rational Mastermind… Darth Vader, Francis Underwood, and the father and son Corleone family (Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone) are all Rational Masterminds. In some ways, Rational Masterminds can be far more ruthless than Artisans.


      1. House of cards is based on a BBC series with the same title. The first series came out in 1990. The Claire in that version comes across as a guardian, while Frances comes across as a rational. Both pairs of characters will remind you of the Clintons. However the US version is definitely patterned after some of the behaviors we’ve seen play out in the press especially when it comes to marital infidelity.

      2. Gabriel E Alexander August 11, 2016 at 3:44 pm

        I agree, means to an ultimate end. Truly as an INTJ myself, at an early age I had to confront the inevitability of morality and what part it would play in my life. I certainly couldn’t sway with the winds of change and therefore I aligned my soul with a clear resolve that would be a foundation I could rely on and that was Christ. Personality is irrelevant to the nature and condition of ones soul. A hard stance on your enemies is worthless if you do not have a soft heart for the broken and lost, if you have strong resolve to a solution but have not the wisdom to determine the price it costs, it is reckless. We need not personalities in office as leaders but those who sacrifice their personality to the betterment of humanity as leaders should demonstrate.

  5. I think it would also be interesting and germane to profile Stein and Sanders


    1. When it comes to Bernie Sanders, he’s tough to assess. We are actually in disagreement internally on him, and we just haven’t had the time to research him extensively enough. Most of us at Keirsey think that Bernie Sanders is an Idealist-Teacher ENFJ. While a small minority of us think that he may be an Artisan Performer ESFP. There’s a big difference between the two. But, they can often be mistaken for each other, as both are very charismatic, and can amass a following very naturally. What it comes down to is what Bernie is driven by. Is Bernie more driven by authenticity, empathy, and benevolence? Or is he more driven by artistic action, audacity, and adaptability. If he’s an Idealist Teacher, he is more similar to Oprah, John Wooden, and Gorbachev. And we would say that Bernie inspires because of how genuine he is, and that his followers “feel the Bern,” because of his ability to appeal to issues which resonate to people who are seeking his vision of a more ideal America. If he’s an Artisan Performer, he is more similar to Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, and Marilyn Monroe. And we’d say that he’s having a lot of fun, and enjoying the ride of his life. With Stein, we also don’t have enough data to make an accurate assessment. However, with what little we do know about her, our observations would point in the direction of Idealist.


      1. I struggle with Bernie. If he is an ENFJ, he fooled me. He ‘channels’ my ISTJ father who preached fairness, justice, and a belief system as though they were sets of rules with very little grey area. Bernie will rarely be accused of flip flopping as was Idealist Kerry. I’ve met so few Idealists who are this good at sticking to an agenda. Sanders seeks equality and rights for all people, but I do not at all feel the genuine empathy and affection that Idealists tend to deliver. Bernie is stern as they come, lacking approachability and warmth. He appears to have the task orientation of Guardians and Rationals.

      2. We’ll get into how we assess someone’s temperament and personality in a future blog. In general, we would caution against typing based on the fact that someone you’re assessing reminds you of a person in your life. This sort of approach ends up being a subjective experience, where one is susceptible to projecting one’s experiences of someone onto another person. Then confirmation bias is likely to kick in, and one can start looking for evidence to confirm one’s feelings.

  6. Charles Barnitz is sadly extremely right about Trump. I have never seen such characteristics in any one individual so described in Abnormal Psychology class from college. I admit I do question much of the pathology written in Abnormal Psychology textbooks and the familiar Diagnostic and Statistically Manuals used almost “religiously” by the professionals. Yet, I can say that I have not yet seen up until a Trump, a person, who appeared to be unable to adjust to the world in such an unwholesome way that he really could be “dangerous to himself and others” perhaps in ways not even fathomed by the alleged “experts.”


    1. The field of psychology is dominated by Idealists. We’re not trying to defend Trump, but, we do think that when you apply psychological frameworks created by a certain type, that those frameworks are more inclined to demonize people who are the opposite from those who came up with them. In Keirsey Temperament Theory, Idealists and Artisans are polar opposites.


      1. You are right. The field of psychology is dominated by Idealists. I am mostly an Idealist, also, as an INFP. However, much of what we see in psychology and psychiatry today are maybe a large majority of frightened and anxious Idealists afraid of the Guardians who are “running the system”. I do have my doubts as to what they claim is actually a bonanza ride illness or not. I think that most of what they consider as defective or a disease is actually either wholesome and healthy trait or talent needing to be expressed or an elegant, healthy adaptation to a society or world that might be needed longer in”alignment” with what is good for humanity. We must also consider environmental factors, such as the pollutants now floating around in our air, water, etc. As far as “Trump” it is my opinion and it need not belong to anyone else, this man seems to be someone unable to healthily adapt or express his talents, etc. This seems to be a man, extremely fearful of something, perhaps the paradox of the sinfulness and goodness inherent in all human beings. I am no expert, but those who state that he is unfit for the position of the President of the US, hence the “free world.” are most probably and scarily right.
        THANK YOU.

      2. Hello Idealist-Healer-INFP. Donald Trump is your most diametric opposite, you are 16 types removed from him. Of all the types that are going to be utterly foreign and alien to yours, it would be Trump’s personality type. Interestingly, one of the highest divorce rates is between Artisan-Promoters ESTP and Idealist-Healers INFP. It’s a good thing you’re not married to him! 😉

      3. Someone like Trump or maybe any ESTP and especially one whose characteristics are so exaggerated as to be utterly malicious and only concerned with himself. This is a maladaptive person. To be married to someone like him, especially as INFP or. Any Idealist or perhaps almost anyone at all would show a complete dislike and utter contempt for one’s self and really the world. But, the sad reality is in both the latest run and the short run, no one involved withTrump has absolutely no greater hatred and contempt for Trump, than Trump himself. Trump really does represent that our dissatisfaction with others and our life circumstances actually begins with oneself. We have sought New Age philosophies., psychiatric imprisonment and enslavement, even an escape to religions and philosophies of the East. This is not to denigrate any religion or philosopy that Western or Judeo-Christian, it is only to realize that it is not healthy to adopt something wholsale from another part of the world (for basically allegedly therapeutic purposes. ) No the only thing we need to realize that like Dorothy, we need only realize there really is no place like home; the home that’s our heart and soul, the very essence of who each of is.

  7. What is the aggregate temperament of the American people and how does that play with the temperament of the potential leaders?


    1. The U.S. Population is roughly 45% Guardian, 30% Artisan, 15% Idealist, and 10% Rational. We’re going to be covering this issue in a future blog, but, in short, there is a reason why Trump’s temperament has an appeal to so many people. It has to do with how his temperament matches up naturally with the temperament distribution of the U.S. population. Temperament is also the reason why Hillary is having such a hard time connecting with people. Interestingly, they are always trying to humanize her because of how aloof and distant she appears to others (she’s very much like how a Rational behaves). In Donald’s case, they’re trying to make him super-human to excuse the fact that he is so utterly human without filters. He’s praised and criticized for being so real, not caring about what anyone thinks about him.


      1. Bernie Brightman August 3, 2016 at 4:28 pm

        Source please? I think this does not agree with Please Understand Me.

      2. Bernie Brightman August 3, 2016 at 4:29 pm

        Source on the percentages I mean.

      3. Please Understand Me was published in 1978, and was Dr. Keirsey’s first major published work. The stats we have provided are based on a significant amount of data we have collected since that time. Since 1978, more than fifty million people have utilized Keirsey.

  8. Trump is an Artisan for sure and can’t be bothered about learning about petty details such as the Constitution. He’ll undoubtely leave his advisors to cover those issues. However, Trump actually listens to people whose opinions matter to him. Like Kennedy also an Artisan who during the Cuban Missile Crisis listened carefully to his advisors, my guess is that Trump would do the same. You cannot be a very successful businessman and be successful ignoring smart people.


    1. Your assessment is spot on. Artisans don’t miss a word if it has to do with something that matters to them. They will make use of anything that will give them an advantage.


    2. I would hardly call someone who has had 4 businesses file for bankruptcy successful – and somehow I doubt he would take anyone’s advice that didn’t agree with his own goals (just my opinion) P.s. after 2008 can America afford to be lead by a man who’s failed 4 times to the point of bankruptcy in an arena much simpler than the Global Economy. And unlike Kennedy who had actually fought in war himself, Trump is more likely to send troops off to war to satisfy is clearly delicate ego.


      1. I would hardly call someone who has had 4 businesses file for bankruptcy successful. I suspect that an Artisan might see “bankruptcy” as merely one of the rules of the game; that it’s merely following the rules for “walking away” from something that wasn’t working. He’s had multiple marriages, too, but divorce is more popular (and thus, more forgivable) than bankruptcy.

        If you can imagine someone seeing bankruptcy as merely a form of “business divorce,” it might be easier to understand.

        (Please note that I am not advocating bankruptcy as a routine business practice; I’m just pointing out that certain temperaments may see it that way.)

        Another Artisan politician “did not have sex with that woman,” depending on “what the definition of ‘is’ is.” There may be more in common between Bill Clinton and Donald Trump than many are willing to see!

    3. Trump is not a successful businessman. See, i.e., multiple bankruptcies, all the breach of contract suits filed by contractors who Trump has not paid, etc. He is an evil, self-serving, con man. And, he has already told us that his primary advisor is himself.


      1. Wayne, Randy is absolutely right about Trump. And, even if Trump is an Artisan, who is too busy to be bothered with the detail, the little detail of the U.S. Constitution SHOULD NOT be one of the them. I am sure that even Kennedy was knowledgeable about the Constitution as it is absolutely every American’s responsibility. There are some things that being an Artisan or any temperament type can not or should not excuse from that knowledge. When you commit a crime, you cannot excuse yourself by your guilt and punishment by saying to the Judge, I am an Artisan or Rational or Idealist or Guardian. Being one of these types, as each of is, is not excuse to avoid society, but to join in; obeying the laws, but, yet being your unique self as you best you can. As it has been said, “Be Yourself–Everyone else is taken.” Thank you.

      2. According to Bloomberg, 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn. Given that Trump has been in business for more than four decades, and is worth somewhere between 4.5 billion (according to Forbes) and 10 billion (according to Trump), and given that he is one of the wealthiest, if not the wealthiest person to ever run for president of the U.S., it seems ignorant to say that he is not a successful businessman. Many who have ever succeeded in business have had business ventures fail, and many have had legal issues, and conflicts with other parties. Having said that, this doesn’t necessarily mean that he will be successful as president or successful in any other areas of life, but to say that he hasn’t had success in business is inaccurate. It is very difficult for anyone who has ever visited any of his properties, (i.e. hotels, resorts, residences, golf courses, restaurants, offices) to not be impressed. All of his assets didn’t just come from nowhere. It wasn’t just luck. He, and his family, and associates have worked their a**es off to get to where they are. The relevant question for all of us isn’t about whether he is a successful businessman. The question to ask is whether U.S. citizens want him to be the President of our country.

  9. Bernie Brightman August 1, 2016 at 3:52 pm

    How about the VPs? Is Mike Pence an SJ? Could Tim Kaine be an ENFJ?


    1. We haven’t had the chance to look at either of the Vice Presidential candidates yet. Once we’ve got more on them, we may write something on them.


  10. Bernie Brightman August 1, 2016 at 3:56 pm

    Why do you have Hillary as an Introvert and not an Extravert? Etraverts want to change the world, and she has wanted that since she was a teenager. Did you read the Bernstein biography?


    1. We’re not sure where you learned that it’s Extraverts who want to change the world (and not Introverts). Firstly, in our view, we would say that introversion and extroversion are preferences, and that the idea of an Introvert or an Extravert as a type of person is inaccurate. This would be the case for the Keirsey model and even the Myers-Briggs model as well. There are many people of all the 4 temperaments or 16 personality types who want to change the world, irrespective of whether they prefer introversion or extroversion.


      1. Bernie Brightman August 1, 2016 at 8:34 pm

        So that’s a “no” on the biography then. If you are going to write articles maybe try starting with the homework.

      2. Our methodology for analyzing an individual’s temperament and personality is to READ, WATCH, and TALK. (We’re going to post a blog on our methodology soon.) But, to address your comment… Your assumption that we did not read the biography and do our homework is incorrect. We can confidently say that we have probably read more on Hillary Clinton than just about anyone on the planet. We have also watched documentaries, interviews, speeches, commentaries, and attended live events where Hillary was featured. Whenever we are studying a leader, we conduct interviews with our subjects directly (if we can), and we speak with associates, friends, affiliated parties, or anyone who has ever had a relationship with our subject. And in Hillary’s case, this is something we have done over the span of more than 25 years. We do our homework. Of course, this doesn’t guarantee that our analysis will always be correct. We have changed our diagnosis on rare occasions. In Hillary Clinton’s case, for example, up to about 7 years ago, our analysis was that Hillary was a Rational-Fieldmarshal ENTJ. However, since that time, we have done further research and have had many more opportunities to interview relevant persons to be able to discern that she is a much better match with the Rational-Mastermind INTJ.

  11. Interesting topic… so if there’s a right presidential temperament, then there is a wrong presidential temperament… what would that be?


    1. We’re going to be arguing that there really isn’t a right or wrong temperament for president. Different temperaments might be pre-inclined to take different approaches, but it’s far more complex than just a person’s temperament at play when it comes to politics. What you might find interesting though is that there has never been an Idealist president in the history of the United States. We’ll write a blog on why we think that’s been the case at some point.


      1. Kathleen Keane August 2, 2016 at 7:24 am

        P.S. My hope is that Trump will get back to the main issues that are so urgent: the economy, radical ISIS, and wiping out dangerous trade deals.

  12. It’s a utilitarian contest this time around. I am an INTJ, and have strongly preferred Trump over Hillary ever since he announced his candidacy. For me this mostly comes down to policy and professional record, but it could also be said that the one type an INTJ will struggle with (more than ESFJ…) is another INTJ. Trump is brash, rude and outspoken, but at least that’s all there is to him – nothing scheming or lurking underneath. This simplicity works well for our context, because he says he’ll do something and there’s no reason to think otherwise. I can’t say the same of Hillary, what with the shady Clinton Foundation, the emails, foreign policy… Too much is hidden for my liking, and I say that as a very private person myself.

    I think two historical analogues for these candidates are Andrew Jackson (likely ESTP) and Ulysses Grant (INTJ) – I can see the Jackson/Trump similarity, but there’s something missing between Grant/Hillary which causes me to doubt the “INTJ” designation. Perhaps it’s something in her character, rather than temperament, that causes this distrust, but she also demonizes my demographic so that won’t help.

    There you go, that’s my unsolicited opinion.
    I’m really looking forward to seeing some analysis of historical figures who fit these temperaments.


    1. Thanks for your comment! We would agree with you that it is often hard to acknowledge someone being the same type as one’s own type if the person in question is someone we do not see favorably. Please bear in mind that not all Rational Masterminds INTJ are the same. We would caution against doubting or confirming an individuals personality type just because they seem to resemble or don’t seem to be quite like someone else.


      1. I respect your opinion to vote for who you believe is right for this country. This is respect you probably would not receive fromTrump if you favored another candidate from any of the political parties. However, if for any reason, I may have thought Trump had any qualities that would be good for America, they are absolutely gone after his response to the “Kahns” a gold star family. As a daughter of a Vietnam Vet and a loyal 110 percent American, even he felt “attacked” to speak as he did towards this gold star family reflects on his feelings, lack of respect and knowledge for not only all god star families, but all Military, active, retired, veterans, deceased and their families. He has denigrated the sacrifices for Liberty the Military, active, veterans, deceased, and their families have made to this country. It is n sacrifice to create a business that eventually goes bankrupt. It is a sacrifice to serve and die for your country, even if the death comes almost forty years later. Please spare me. We cannot elect someone, anyone who does not respect those who serve! Please honor those who lie selflessly in our many veterans cemeteries and those who rest in other cemeteries who are veterans. If you feel that in good conscience, you can not vote Democratic, find anther candidate or party or write in someone. Please do not do some so absolutely UnAmerican and lacking in Liberty and respect for the fallen as to vote for Trump! Just say no to Trump!

  13. In your next article, please include a profile of the Libertarian candidate for President – Gary Johnson. As a former two-term governor with another former governor (Weld) as VP, Johnson is the only other candidate who will be on the ballot in all 50 states. With the crisis of trust in both major parties (D/R) and the overwhelmingly negative tone of this year’s campaign so far, it is easy to see why support for the third party is growing rapidly. It would be interesting to see the Keirsey take on the temperament of the Libertarian leader.


    1. We will be watching the Libertarian Presidential Town Hall on CNN (Wednesday, August 3, 2016 at 9 PM EST). When we analyze an individual, we do A LOT of homework. We READ, WATCH, and TALK as much as we can on the subject. (We’ll post a blog on our methodology in the future.) If we can glean something interesting about Gary Johnson that we can write about, we certainly will. Thanks for the suggestion.


  14. As a foreigner looking at the USA I can only conclude that Donald Trump’s political agenda only serves the USA. However as a global force, the USA should have a President that also has great respect for global issues, not only their own countries. And as you have said he is an Artisan the diametric opposite of an Idealist, which means he – according to Keirsey’s Theory – is sorely lacking in the Diplomatic skills needed in the Global Arena.


    1. We would not say that Artisans are “sorely lacking” in diplomatic skills. This is an incorrect statement. According to the Keirsey model, we would say, “Naturally, we all have our short suit as well as our long suit in the things we do well. Whatever our long suit, we are not totally without talent in our short suit—it is merely shorter.” – Please Understand Me, page 39.


      1. I did not mean that all Artisans are “sorely lacking” in their short suit (which is diplomatic skills), I was indicating that Donald Trump is sorely lacking this skill. According to the Keirsey model, “skills are acquired by practice. No practice, no skill; much practice, much skill. Any skill will wither on the vine and gradually fade away in the degree it is starved of practice…”- Please Understand Me, page 39. And as Anonymous’ and many other comments indicate his wilted short suit is already causing tensions to rise. What will happen if he is President ? Will he risk young men lives in risky ill-planned wars in foreign countries just like his Promoter Presidential predecessors? Vietnam, Iraq, WWII …. ring a bell anyone? “Those who ignore History are Doomed to REPEAT it.”

    2. Kathleen Keane August 3, 2016 at 6:31 am

      Dear Juanita,
      Donald Trump wants to make the USA strong again, and as a ripple effect, it helps our allies to know that America is strong again and can depend on the USA for support when needed. That has to come first. We can’t portray our country as “giving in” to Iran, Putin, and going against Israel. Even Europe needs us to be strong. It’s like putting on your oxygen mask before your child’s. Obama has decreased our stronghold, and he is tried to make diplomatic relations with countries that will not reciprocate. As a great and strong free country, the USA can not stand be and weaken its stance as a world power. Once that’s clear to other countries, the enemy will see as more as a great force to be reckoned with, and our allies will see us more as a supporter when they are in trouble. It’s very complicated. But I truly see Obama, and Clinton as well, as weakening America’s stronghold. They are trying to turn us into an “equal Global country.” That is not going to work. We don’t want to hurt anybody, but we also don’t want to support our enemies as Obama and Clinton think will work. It will NOT work. History has shown us so.


  15. Kathleen Keane August 2, 2016 at 7:22 am

    As an INFP idealist, and being totally aware of my personality being diametrically opposite Trumps, I support him FULLY! I always like Donald Trump for his excellent negotiation skills. I think I appreciate in him what I don’t have in me. He is the ultimate “mover and shaker.” He WILL help us! He REALLY does want to help the country. Hillary is for Hillary. I know they both have their own types of intelligence, and what I find sad is that the media is so in her favor that Trump is portrayed as explosive. BUT, he only does that when he’s ATTACKED! I can see his frustration at the daggers they throw at him. He can’t help defending himself. Hillary has such a bad history of lying that I am incredulous that people just ignore that. Democrats, I mean.
    I think he will help our country starting immediately on January 20th.


  16. I’m an INFP Idealist, with an undergraduate in psychology and a minor in counseling. I’m also currently working on my masters as a Marriage and Family therapist (MFT). I’m mostly writing about the filed of psychology being dominated by Idealists. I’d like to see some numbers on this statement. I think that Guardians can be attracted to psychology particularly applied behavior analysis, or behavior modification. I think that Rationals are attracted to biological psychology and neuroscience. I am thinking that there are more SJ and NT psychologists and psychiatrists represented than some might think, though NF would still dominate. The field of psychotherapy (MFTs) on the other hand is likely more dominated by Idealists in my opinion.


    1. As an INFP idealist, I too majored in Psychology. I minored in PoliSci/History. I know as a fellow INFP/Idealist you have nothing but the noblest and most heart-felt intentions. I think you are right that many of Psychiatrists and Psychologist are either Guardians or Rationals. Especially this can get in the way of the Idealist idealism. I think you will most likely be a wonderful counselor, but, beware the field is filled with LCSWs who may not necessarily be idealists. Many are as the media likes to use when speaking with someone who seems to be speaking for a particular candidate, surrogates. Perhaps, the happiest counsellors work,for themselves and not for big business. As an INFP, I, personally consider myself more of a Dreamer than a Healer and my absolute best talent/gift is my Imagination. I think my gift has saved my life, as though many she’s update think of their unique gifts. The problem, as many in the “psychology” field are guardians and rationale, plus the few artisans who sneer in for the excitement, one’s natural gift could be considered a hazard and to some, a major sickness. Please be aware of such persons. Please be aware for yourself and those you help to,their unique wholeness and well-being. I think that INFP can hold both the Healer and the Dreamer, both those who Advocate and Imagine, respectively. Perhaps, this is true of each of the sixteen types. Each type can hold two respective sub-types and two respective sub-gifts. I don’t know the what and why and who for each type, that is sub-types. As an INFP/Idealist, I just sit am most familiar with the INFP/Idealist. Good luck to you. Thank You.


  17. Being an NF explains why I do not care for either Trump or Clinton.
    I do not vote at all but if I did I would have voted for Bernie Sanders.
    Very interesting subject.
    Thank you.


  18. I also feel you need to profile, Gary Johnson (L), Dr. Jill Stein (G), and Darrell Castle (C). At a minimum, Johnson and Stein. Johnson will be on the ballot in all 50 states, and the latest stats are the Dr. Stein will be on the ballot in 45 states for sure. I also think it would be interesting to see information about ALL the VP’s on the tickets as well.


    1. We are researching Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. And if we are able to gather enough information, we will do our best to conduct an analysis, and post our assessment of them.


  19. I wish to respond to the comment about Trump not respecting the military because of the Khan kerfluffle . The commenter stated that anyone who disrespects the military should not serve as Command in Chief. Mr. Trump does not disrespect the military. Mr. Khan did attack Mr. Trump. Just as the media attacked the gold star mother who called Hillary a liar about how her son died in Benghazi. Trust me there is enough bad behavior on both sides. People are flawed. Meanwhile as an informed citizenery, we are responsible to be wise, discerning, and vigilant to maintain our freedoms. The wisdom of the founding fathers to design a Republic with 3 equal branches reminds all of us that absolute power corrupts absolutely. So, each person studies the two candidates and will make their own choice. What a great privilege! INTP


  20. Neither of the candidates “have the right” it is the voter that has the right. That right consists of being heard by those who have been designated to run the election. That right consists of being paid attention to in a polite fashion. That right consists of having candidates that are mature and grown up people asking, without guile, to be considered for office. Promising to hold true to the laws and doing their best to carry out the service That consists of having voting venue that are both conducted honestly and without manipulation benefiting party or candidate. When candidates act like we are being privileged to vote for ‘them’ that is stepping outside the arena of American voting tradition and they should be dismissed to go elsewhere to offer service. Dr. W. Fearn


    1. Thank you, Mr. Fearn. For a presidential candidate or any candidate for any elected office to think, act, and speak as if it were a privilege to vote for him/her puts us in peril on no longer being either a democracy or republic. In fact, this opens us up to becoming a form of dictatorship and not a “benevolent dictatorship”. I can only imagine that those who attempted to create such a democracy or republic as ours are perhaps “rolling over in their graves” with the opinion that that type of behavior is happening. It is very important for us to remember the tremendous sacrifices these individuals, both well-known and not-so-well-known when we do take the “right” of our vote to the ballot box. Please remember the difference between a “right” and a “privilege.” In the United States, it is a right to vote and a privilege to have a driver’s license. Have we confused this in that so man states allow you to register to vote when we apply or renew our driver’s license? I am definitely for bring the easiest way for people to be registered and to make sure ALL AMERICANS AGE
      EIGHTEEN AND OVER ARE REGISTERED! Yet, I feel we need to bring these registrations in alignment with areas that are “rights, not privileges.” I think this will insure the best results for the voter and the one of whom we are voting for. Thank you.


  21. Presidents are not leaders, they are Rulers. I don’t need a Ruler of any kind, and I don’t need anyone else Ruled on my behalf. Thanks, though.


  22. As an INTJ, I have difficulty accepting your premise “who has the right temperament and personality” to be president?

    As though there is a right one.

    And, you presume we (the people) know what a candidate’s skills are for an unidentified job description.

    For instance, what is the job of a president?

    … “that to secure These Rights” … that is, individual freedom of choice to pursue our inalienable rights, our national philosophy of Life, Liberty (freedom), and the Pursuit of Happiness.

    This is why was our government was established, and is it not a business to be MANAGED to insure our inalienable rights?

    We know Trump is a manager. He has proclaimed so.

    We know Hillary has chosen the shadow/dark side of an INTJ type and deeply twisted temperament.

    Hillary is in pursuit of power and greed. It is self-evident by her actions.

    It breaks my INTJ /mind/heart that she has chosen such a self-destructive life and tainted her type and temperament.

    We’ve all some more or less managerial capabilities. But, we have all not understood what “individual freedom of choice” and it’s cascading effects are.

    The original question is too superficial for me.

    Wanna guess who I’ll be voting for?

    BTW, I find SP’s are naturally (inborn) brilliant, and I find them awesome.

    P.S. It took a long time for me to appreciate the three other temperaments and 16 types.


    1. The question, “Who has the right temperament and personality to be President?” is not a question that we were asking. We just entitled the blog post as that question because that’s an actual question that was asked in a Washington Post / ABC News poll. The poll results were featured on CNN, FOX NEWS, and other major news channels. It was also written about in many news publications. We don’t think that there’s a right temperament and personality for the Presidency, so the title is not a premise we have. We just wanted to tie the blog post to the poll which caught wind. One of the hottest topics on the news about the candidates has been about temperament. David Axelrod (Obama’s Chief Strategist for Obama’s presidential campaigns, and former Senior Advisor to the President) said on CNN last week, “Temperament is the key to this election.” That is why we dove right in to blogging about the election this time around. We are not presuming that we know what the right temperament and personality is for the Presidency. Depending on one’s temperament, there’s a different stance and approach toward the job. We would disagree with you, however, that the presidency is a business to be “MANAGED.” We do feel that the Presidency is about LEADERSHIP moreso than MANAGEMENT. But, that’s a whole other discussion we don’t want to engage in for this blog. We do believe that there is a style of leadership that is definitely more managerial, but when it comes to the formal definitions of management, we would say that the President casts vision, but when it comes to managing, that occurs at other levels of government. The President’s cabinet, the house, and the senate, and all of the governmental organizations manage. We don’t see Trump or Hillary as managers.

      RE: It breaks my INTJ /mind/heart that she has chosen such a self-destructive life and tainted her type and temperament.

      Are you sure that you are INTJ?


    2. I respect your opinion. Everyone has the right to speak his or her mind and to act on his or beliefs until they interfere with another’s. My father taught me that my rights end when another person’s rights begin. However, I disagree with you that America needs to be “managed.” This has been a misnomer since Coolidge, who was quoted as saying “The Business of America is Business.” With technology and mass production, we seem to have become “Corporate America.” Many Americans, thus, mistakenly think America is only another corporation. This has been extended in the thoughts of many to our churches, our educational facilities, our health and medical facilities, our mass media, etc. It even infects our art, our literature, our music. Therefore, nothing is sacred anymore. In my opinion, this is not why America was founded. America was founded on ideals. America is a sacred trust shared by those who choose to make it their home. Although, a leader is preferable to a manager for the good ol’ USA, I think we really need neither. We need what our “forefathers” said we need. We need a PRESIDENT, just like the constitution states. There are probably two associations that could “linguistically” be associated with President. First, would be the act of presiding. A good President “presides” over the needs of the people and assists them in accomplishing their goals. Second, there is the word, “precedent” America is a nation of being precedent. And the very first precedent is right there in the preamble to the Constitution: “WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM A MORE PERFECT UNION.” We the people. We are the government. Not only are we governed, we governed; each one of us. We the people. It seems Trump isn’t even aware of that. I pray that Clinton has not forgotten that. “WE THE PEOPLE IN ORDER TO FORM TO A MORE A PERFECT UNION.” These words are our sacred trust. We are not a business to be managed or any kind of organization to be led. We don’t need a Pied Piper. We are not rats to be led or machines to be managed. Lest we forget, we are the people, WE THE PEOPLE. It is important to discuss temperament; but the best temperament for a president is one who remembers our sacred trust. That is why America is so beautiful. What happened to this sweet land of liberty. By the way, I am mostly and Idealist/NF. But, I do think each “type” possesses its unique genius that we truly need. Also, if one looks inside oneself, one will see all types. What we need to stop is our petty squabbling over our petty interests and remember WE THE PEOPLE! The best temperament for the President of the United States is one who realizes that is one of “WE THE PEOPLE” and serves, not leads or manages, but serves. Thank you.


      1. Beautifully written! Thanks for your sharing your thoughts.

  23. I have been a fan of “Please Understand Me” since it was written by Dr. Keirsey. It helped me understand many people. I was also involved with the magazine, Business to Business in Orange County where we hosted the “Game of Games.” I love it.
    I would love to have it presented again since it explained so many personalities in a humorous way.

    Please keep helping people understand our political candidates and leaders. You need to go on Fox News….Hannity and explain your concepts.



  24. […] Who Has the Right Temperament and Personality to be President? […]


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