How Long Can Hillary Hide?

Photo Credit:  Copyright 2015, Hillary Clinton – Painting, by DonkeyHotey,

They’re calling her “Hidden Hillary.”

“Why is Hillary hiding?”
“Where is Hillary hiding?”
“What is Hillary hiding?”

We assessed Hillary as a Rational Mastermind INTJ.  Do these types hide?  We’re going to look at Hillary first, and then we’ll consider whether her behaviors are consistent with her temperament type.

What we know for sure is that many of her emails have been hidden (permanently deleted, thanks to BleachBit, the software program used on Clinton’s private servers).  Her schedule during her service as Secretary of State is not set to be released until after the election.  Recently 15,000 more emails have been reld, revealing that there may be possible, “Pay for Play,” scenarios where those who donated to the Clinton Foundation were given special favors during her time as Secretary of State.

16690863566_a1dae87e2f_oPhoto Credit:  Copyright 2015, Hillary Clinton’s Underground Communications Center, by DonkeyHotey,

Trump is in the news all the time.  He’s everywhere, talking about everything.  He’s been doing numerous press conferences, and town hall meetings, where he is asked all kinds of questions, and giving his unpredictable responses. Clinton on the other hand has been criticized from every direction on the fact that she hasn’t done a press conference in a very, very, very long time.  Do a Google search on “Hillary press conference” and the headlines have one theme.  Here’s what comes up:

This is why Hillary Clinton doesn’t do press conferences – Quartz
Why Hillary Clinton won’t do a press conference – VICE News
Hillary Clinton’s Press Conference Phobia – POLITICO Magazine
Hillary Clinton hasn’t held a press conference in 257 days – The Washington Post
How to Solve the Hillary Clinton Press Conference ‘Problem’ – Esquire
Hillary Clinton’s Relationship With the Press Is Broken – The New Republic
Hillary Thinks A Phone Call To CNN Constitutes A Press – Alex Jones
Why Hillary Clinton Won’t Hold a Press Conference – The Ringer
This Is Why Hillary Hasn’t Held a Press Conference in 262 Days – Townhall
Hillary Clinton Hasn’t Held A Press Conference In 260 days – The Daily Caller

Is she “honest and trustworthy”?  A CNN poll found that only 34 percent of women and 25 percent of men say that she is “honest and trustworthy.”  These numbers have been on a downward path as more has been revealed.

23731410293_f8c51fa2ca_o.jpgPhoto Credit:  Copyright 2016, Bill & Hillary Clinton – The Force Awakens, by DonkeyHotey,

Is Hillary a liar?

Well…  It depends on who you ask.  If you ask Republicans or Trump supporters, she’s definitely a liar.  If you ask Democrats or Hillary Clinton supporters you might hear something different.  If you ask the Clintons, both Bill and Hillary will tell you that they never lie. Whether you are for her or against her, you are forced into the following positions:

(a)  Yes, she is a liar, she is corrupt, and electing her as President will destroy our country.

(b)  Yes, she is a liar, but, all politicians are liars, and in fact, all of us are guilty of telling lies.  Overall, she will still do great for the country even though she’s a liar.

(c) No, she is not a liar!  She is the victim of a right wing conspiracy.  She is innocent, and she is making a difference in the world.  We need to elect her.  She will be a great President!

(d) No, she is not a liar, she may not be perfect, but she will make a better President than Donald Trump.

When they lie, Rationals tell “rational” lies; that is, “lies which make sense.”  They rationalize.  They see the truth as relative.  It depends on how you frame the facts, how you see rules, and whether you see reality as black and white or grey.  Rationals see the truth as something to be articulated rather than a straightforward set of facts which speak for themselves.  Facts are subject to interpretation.  Rules are guidelines. Rationals often figure out a way to bend the rules, workaround the rules, change the rules, leverage the rules (in their favor), or justify their behavior (when rules are allegedly broken).

ABC News reported that in Clinton’s newly released emails, it was revealed that Clinton Foundation donors looked for invitations to events by the State Department, and made requests to sit next to Vice President Joe Biden.  DNC Chair, Donna Brazille said, “I’ve been a government official. So, you know, this notion that, somehow or another, someone who is a supporter, someone who is a donor, somebody who’s an activist, saying ‘I want access, I want to come into a room and I want to meet people’—we often criminalize behavior that is normal…  I don’t see what the smoke is.”

4401841382_9d0c0fc278_o.jpgPhoto Credit:  Copyright 2010, IMG_0196, by San Francisco Foghorn,

So…  Why is Hillary hiding?

As a Rational-Mastermind INTJ, she is a supreme pragmatist. She sees reality as a “crucible for refining their strategies for goal-directed action.”  If it was anyone other than Trump running against her, she might have to come out of hiding.  But, practically speaking, it appears that the more she is hidden, the less attention there is on all of the scandal surrounding her.  And the more Trump keeps talking, the more he seems to put his own foot in his mouth.  Is hiding a strategy deliberately being deployed by the Clinton campaign?

29168164412_ebcd9e1cae_oPhoto Credit:  Copyright 2016, Donald Trump – Caricature, by DonkeyHotey,

How much longer can she hide?  Can Hillary run out the clock?  Is banking on Trump screwing up his own candidacy a sure bet?  We saw a huge jump in the polls for Hillary after the Democratic National Convention, and we did see Trump’s mouth and his hands (through tweets), get him into deeper turmoil.  And then…  He shook things up.  He hired a new campaign manager and a new Chief Executive.  He seems to have “softened” his position on immigration, and has made an appeal for the African-American vote.  And Hillary’s double digit lead has narrowed to single digits.

Rational Masterminds can often be seen as distant, removed, and aloof.  They can often be perceived as being cold and calculating, which doesn’t help her “hidden” nature.  Hillary Clinton has been called, “the most famous person no one knows.”  In Carl Bernstein’s best-selling, definitive biography, “A Woman in Charge: The Life of Hillary Rodham Clinton,” he said that there were three pillars which have held Hillary up through the years. He writes:

“Three pillars have held her up through one crisis after another in a life creased by personal difficulties and public and private battles: her religious faith; her powerful urge toward both service and its accompanying sense (for good or ill) of self-importance: and a fierce desire for privacy and secrecy. It is the last of these that seems to cast a larger and larger shadow over who she really is.”  [Emphasis ours]

Her campaign has made great attempts to “humanize” her whereas Trump’s campaign has portrayed him to be “superhuman.”  Hillary is out on the campaign trail, aggressively fund-raising, and paying millions for attack-ads against Trump.  How does this differ from a press conference?  In all of the above, the Hillary Clinton campaign creates the message they want. They get to create the “reality” they want. They get to avoid all of the scandals that Trump and the media would like to confront her with.  The moment she does a press conference, we all know what everyone will be asking. And we all know that those questions will be difficult to answer.  And as long as those questions can’t be asked directly, and as long as she doesn’t have to provide answers, the headlines will not be about her.  But, she will eventually need to come out of hiding…  What will we see when she does?


Bernstein also writes:

“As Hillary has continued to speak from the protective shell of her own making, and packaged herself for the widest possible consumption, she has misrepresented not just facts but often her essential self. Great politicians have always been marked by the consistency of their core beliefs, their strength of character in advocacy, and the self-knowledge that informs bold leadership. Almost always, Hillary has stood for good things. Yet there is often a disconnect between her convictions and words, and her actions. This is where Hillary disappoints. But the jury remains out. She still has time to prove her case, to effectuate those things that make her special, not fear them or camouflage them. We would all be the better for it, because what lies within may have the potential to change the world, if only a little.”  [Emphasis ours]

We hope to see the real Hillary sometime soon!



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  1. Yes, both presidential candidates have lied. However, Hillary’s pattern of lying and her private email server has endangered national security. I really really don’t think a true Rational would shrug this off by saying “I made some mistakes” and talk about a vast right wing conspiracy to get her. No Rational could say that with a straight face.


    1. No human being is immune from lying. Irrespective of what your temperament is, you can be a liar. The longer you’ve been lying, the better you can get at it. A lot of practice often leads to effectiveness. Unfortunately, your sincere belief about Rationals is sincerely wrong. Any temperament can lie with a straight face, including Rationals (some would say, especially Rationals).


  2. Hillary meets all the descriptions of what Dr. Peck reveals in his book the People of the Lie. They do not care and are immune to- who the lies hurt. They only concerned about their image being above all others.


    1. I agree, but unfortunately, Trump’s narcissism makes him an even more dangerous liar. Hillary may damage the country with her secretive and (very likely) corrupt way of handling things, but the damage she does will still be far less than what Trump will do to the country with his idiotic provocations, openly manipulative campaigns and his inablility to negotiate with people far more knowledgeable and intelligent than himself.

      I do appreciate the articles here that focus on the personality types, but that just shows a limited perspective of who Hillary and Trump are.

      Aside from their personality types, they both have personality disorders. Not all people with their personality types have these disorders. The disorders make them dangerous, not the personality types as such.
      It’s a plague or cholera kind of choice really…


      1. We certainly don’t think that personality types provide the full perspective. Temperament and personality are only a small fraction of a person’s makeup. This just happens to be our area of specialization. Interestingly, we have found many people posting comments about personality disorders. In our view, we find those comments to be erroneous. They are based on one’s own speculation as an armchair pseudo-psychologist, or are made because someone heard someone on the news making such a diagnosis, or because there was some article written in a news publication. We think that making such statements makes no sense. None of these statements made about “personality disorders” on either candidates are based on anything credible. None of these individuals who have made their statements have ever sat down with either candidate to work with them as a mental health professional. You can observe patterns of behavior to assess temperament, but ultimately these assessments are based on models and do not provide the total explanation for everything. Human beings are far more complex. In other words, not all Rational Masterminds INTJ are the same, and not all Artisan Promoters ESTP are the same. Here at Keirsey, we often talk about how there’s no such thing as Artisans, Guardians, Idealists, and Rationals. Ultimately, we say that we’re all human beings, but we can observe behavior patterns, and if a framework is helpful in explaining these patterns, then great! If not, just throw it out. Use it for what it’s worth to you.

    2. We see in these blog comments how so many people seem to label those they project their own hatreds onto as “evil.” Election seasons seem to bring these sad tendencies out even more than is typical. This election season has been extremely distressing and I will be highly relieved when it concludes.
      BTW, I enjoy the blogs and the more enlightening comments. Keep up the good work!


  3. Yep, the term used now is narcissistic personality disorder of which Hillary certainly meets the criterion. Other people’s needs are basically of no interest to them although they can fake concern pretty well. If you cross them, watch out!!


    1. It appears that Trump supporters think that Hillary is a narcisisst. And Hillary supporters think that Trump is a narcisisst.


      1. Although, I don’t necessarily consider myself a Cinton supporter, I am much more inclined to believe that Trump is the narcissist. Yet, knowing full well that I really do not either Clinton or Trump except by what I see on television or read in the Internet, it would be highly unethical of me to diagnose either Trump or Clinton as having narcissist personality disorder. Additionally, I do not have the appropriate degrees. Yet, Trump appears have tendencies of narcissism, at least in front of the camera or by way of “Twitter.” So, all of you, armchair “mental health” folks, please stop. Despite everything, both Clinton and Trump are human and need our “benefit of the doubt.” Still, it seems it is only Trump who appears to have ties to those who do not share basic American values. Thank you.

      2. Yep, I would say both are. The question is who would do the more harm to the country.

      3. We’re not here to talk about who is narcissistic and who is not. And we don’t think that the election is about who would do more harm for the country. We are not pro-right or pro-left. We are simply interested in providing an analysis of the two candidates from a temperament and personality perspective. And to hear your responses. We’ve received hundreds of comments, and we could not approve all of them because of how inflammatory many of them have been. What has been especially interesting to see is how Trump supporters seem to think that we are pro-Hillary, and how Hillary supporters seem to think that we are pro-Trump. We are neither for nor against either candidate. Our aim in writing about politics is to help voters to make an informed decision about who they decide to vote for. Through the Keirsey Blog we will be writing mostly about current topics which are fresh in the media. If the election wasn’t so popular, we would probably be writing on something else. Our mission is to change the world by helping people understand each other. We want to help our readers better understand the world we live in, in order to live better lives.

  4. Lois Belohlavek August 30, 2016 at 12:23 pm

    I SO welcome your civil dialogue. My idealistic ‘how can we make this work’ is so violated with all the venom in this election. I DREAD elections – especially when they last so long. You are a waft-y breeze of fresh air. My guardian husband dittos his appreciation.


    1. Thank you very much for your comment! Your affirmation and kind words make what we do feel even more meaningful! There’s still a long way to go until Election Day… We’re looking forward to journeying together with y’all in this interesting ride.


      1. I agree with the above posting – maybe it is an idealist thing. I neither see you as pro Hilary or pro-Trump nor anti either. It is interesting to me as a psychology major to read the different perspectives and possible motivations opening my mind to reasons they act this way.

        It would be interesting to hear more about certain media figures and how their personalities play into this also.

        I have enjoyed Keirsey for years – keep up the great educational tools!

      2. Thanks for your comment Sarah! We do plan on writing about media figures in the future. The Keirsey Blog will play a commentating role on what is fresh in the news media. We just happened to be writing on Trump and Hillary because this is the hottest topic in the news right now.

  5. I understand Hillary’s pragmatism to the core. I am viewed similarly by my colleagues at school and work. I understand theoretically Trump’s behavior through temperament, but I can’t come to closure as to why anyone would want him as our president. To me, he does not seem fit to resolve important socio, economic, and environmental problems with his rumbustious temperament. I would much prefer a strategic leader, even if said leader has a history of lying.

    I would have liked to see an article on Bernie’s temperament, though it’s now sort of irrelevant.


  6. I believe that Hillary and Trump are massively disliked because of their personalities … NOT their personality types.
    In the case of Hillary, she has a lot of fake scandals … and a lot of real ones. Her personality, led her to embed herself with special interests and then hide her involvement to pretend she is “for the people.” Obama (I believe an ENTJ?) also had to use the leverage of special interests (banks, carbon and defense) but while making concessions to those interests, does seem to be good-hearted based upon his record, his words and the consistency between them.
    It’s more fair, I believe to compare Obama (loved) to Hillary (hated) as they are both rationals, lifelong Democrats and seems to (largely) support each other’s political positions. Trying to compare Trump and Hillary is like comparing apple sauce and venetian blinds … I guess they’re both made of atoms?
    People perceive Obama as working to strike a balance between corporate power and civil rights. People perceive Hillary as paying lip service to civil rights while being a “shill” to her corporate backers. Most think of her as more of a Republican than anything. Bernie Sanders campaign did not help her image.
    Sanders (btw, I’m having a hard time reading him: some type -N-J?) has an ability to seem very serious in his effort to organize a clear message which makes any opponent who waffles in their position seem not just unserious but untrustworthy. Hillary certainly waffles.
    He made it impossible for Hillary to hide, stating only enough innuendo to cause people to massively research issues on their own. People would complain that “Bernie didn’t nail her on this issue or that issue.” … but whenever he soft balled, the internet did his research for him out of a frustration. I don’t know if it was tactically brilliant or just a result of “statesmanship.”
    In any case, the best strategy for Hillary is to continue to hide and make this election about Trump. The biggest concern the Hillary Campaign should be worried about is whether Gary Johnson and Jill Stein will show up in the debates. If those two get on a national stage with Trump and Hillary, the polls will VERY quickly shift.
    Hillary’s Campaign from the beginning has been one of minimizing attrition. That’s her chief strategy. Right now, discussing Trump, hiding and controlling the messaging by avoiding debates is the right set of strategies for her to employ.


    1. LordAnthony:

      You had me at “applesauce and venetian blinds.” Best laugh I’ve had today. Thank you.


      1. Part of Hilary Clinton’s dislike and distrust by some of the electorate is because she will be the first women president, if elected. In our nation, the Presidency, has more than other Western “democratic” countries, “An Old Boys Club” This has been an “old white boys club” until President Obama was able to break through the “ceiling” However, he has received much unusual criticism (the “birther” criticism) and an almost lock-step congress that seems to refuse its usual responsibility of “compromise.” “Compromise” between the parties is so important as it probably brought us out of the depression of the 1930s. Mrs Clinton may have to deal with the same problem, if elected. As for Trump, there just is not much more you can say about him as to what has been continuously covered by the twenty-four hour cable media. Of course, I do not know the man, but, he seems from all appearances to “revel” and “be energized” by this continuous coverage. This can be questionable problem of temperament and personality for someone who is President. The President that is best for our Country must me able to perform his or her duties in a “mature” manner, but also must be able to stand by and let the nation to do and be as it is supposed to without “undue interference”. Thank you.

  7. I appreciate how you all present your takes on the temperaments of the candidates. The presentations are level-headed, well-reasoned, and without overwhelming bias or tongue in cheek. It makes me wonder what it would be like to read your takes on all, if not most news. It also produces a sense that most discussions with your team (even in view of your responses to some of the inflammatory or suggestive comments to various posts) would be informative and enlivening. Thanks for making the contribution you all have to this popular conversation.


  8. It could be interesting to map the “temperatures” of the replies against the temperaments of those replying…


  9. As a Guardian, I find it difficult throw my support behind anyone who rationalizes away basic foundational truths to suit their personal agenda.

    Since reading this blog series, I’ve found it interesting that Hillary’s spouse, President Clinton, has the same temperament as Donald Trump. Churn that inside your brain for a few minutes. It gives Hillary’s attacks on Trump’s temperament a whole new twist.


    1. Yes! I do too! You would think that would put her at an advantage psychologically wouldn’t you?


  10. It’s evident that Hillary is employing a “hide and wait” strategy. Is this because an INTJ prefers to operate from behind the scenes or are there other reasons?
    I believe it just makes political sense for ANY savvy politician. This is the perfect opportunity for her. All polling shows the election map strongly in Hillary’s favor. The more Donald Trump speaks, the more he alienates moderate voters. The less Hillary speaks publicly, the more she organizes a strong ground game in swing States or even Red States. Consider this: if John Kasich had won the GOP nomination, would this be her strategy? Unlikely.


  11. I would be interested in a survey of types and their votes. I am an ENFP, and I feel that most with my type tend to be very liberal, and I used to be. I have joked with my daughter about the quote attributed to Winston Churchill. …”If you are not liberal when you are young, you don’t have a heart. If you are not conservative when you are old, you don’t have a brain.” I have many personal reasons that my vote is strongly in the conservative camp for our country now. I have been saying since before Obama that conservatives needed a “sexy” candidate, and by that I meant someone different, interesting, and attention getting. LOL….Trump is not exactly who I imagined, but he does fit the bill. Shock and awe, baby!!! And for those who believe he is more dangerous than Hillary, I say take another look…..when you see the Keirsey blog posts about lying, and look at the motivations, he will likely exaggerate to get attention, or say something outlandish, then actually operate from a more rational place…..She will do sneaky, unknown, never admitted to acts to get action or accolades, and even people who support her agendas, if not her methods, will never know what she’s up to until it’s too late! Trump, to me, in all his bravado, and “foot in the mouth” style, is more inherently honest…..Sometimes I cringe, and hide my eyes, but I smile when he comes out on top again, with something more palatable. It’s not really a change, as some report, but a “repackaging” of the same stuff, after he has commanded everyone’s attention. I also think he is interested in success, and he will create a top notch team to help him make it happen. I think, in comparison, he is pretty transparent. Maybe that is what feels more genuine to me as an ENFP.


    1. I have read that comment before by Winston Churchill. Although, Winston Churchill is most likely one of the greatest men of the twentieth century and definitely one of the reasons the Nazis were defeated, I believe that if you look at the two candidates and even at the American electorate of the twenty-first, the concepts of “liberal” and “conservative” may no longer apply. There is a great deal of questionable evidence as to the temperament and trustworthiness of both candidates in different ways. There are also some “shady” factors to each and depending on your viewpoint, one or the other candidates appears as “dangerous.” However, I believe, that, in the end, after the “dust has cleared” from this election, we will find that old-time concepts of “liberal” and “conservative” are no longer applicable, if they ever were. There are serious problems and discussions in this country right now, “racism” and “prejudice” seemingly the most apparent. Yet, in the end, it will be that we discover “politically” and in other ways, the electorate can no longer be classified in such “simplistic” ideology. Thank you.


  12. If both are wild liars then the only way to judge what they really are in private is to look at their kids
    With that said. Trump has my vote
    The guards that lived& watched the Clintons have nothing good to say about the whole family …


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