Is the Superman Outfit Working?

Photo Credit:  Copyright 2016, Super Trumps of the RNC, by DonkeyHotey,

Dr. Mardy Grothe tells the story of an exchange between Muhammad Ali and an Eastern Airlines flight attendant when Ali was on a flight in the 1970s.  He writes:

“As the flight attendant made her final check of the passengers, she noticed that Ali’s seat belt was not fastened.  When the Champ was asked to buckle up, the ever-playful boxing legend brought a smile to the faces of his fellow travelers by boasting, ‘Superman don’t need no seat belt.’  The day was won by the quick-thinking flight attendant, however, who got a hearty round of applause when she shot back:  ‘Superman don’t need no airplane either.'” (Excerpted from:  Viva la Repartee: Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History’s Great Wits and Wordsmiths,” by Dr. Mardy Grothe)

Donald Trump and Muhammad Ali are both Artisan Promoters ESTP.  Ali was a great self-promoter.  He once said, “I am the greatest, I said that even before I knew I was.”  Artisan Promoters ESTP are your larger than life folks.  They know how to promote themselves and keep their brand at the center of everything.  They are often elevated to the status of super human.  This is how they want to be portrayed. Trump has uttered repeatedly, “I will fix it!”  And he was largely criticized when at the RNC Convention he said, “Nobody knows the system better than me, which is why I alone can fix it.  I have seen firsthand how the system is rigged against our citizens…”  Artisan Promoters ESTP aim to defy the odds, to go against the establishment. So, when they are down…  when everything seems to indicate that will lose…  when they are at their low…  they shake things up and make it happen.

In her run for the presidency, Hillary has always started with a comfortable lead.  This was true eight years ago, when she ran against Barrack Obama in the primaries; when she ran against Bernie Sanders; and currently in her run against Trump.  Somehow, her lead seems to always diminish.  Over the past month, Hillary’s double-digit lead became a single-digit one.  And surprisingly, in the most recent national poll conducted by CNN/ORC, Trump has overtaken Hillary.  Trump is beating Hillary 45% to 43%, (with Libertarian Gary Johnson at 7% and Jill Stein at 2%) among likely voters.  When it comes to who is more honest and trustworthy, 50% say Trump is more honest and trustworthy vs. just 35% choosing Clinton.

While Artisan Promoters ESTP are colorful, flamboyant, loud, and ostentatious.  It can be argued that Rational Masterminds INTJ, are actually the most self-confident of all.  From our point of view, what we find so interesting is how Trump is made out to be super-human, while Hillary’s campaign is constantly trying to humanize her.

Is the superman outfit working for Trump?
Is humanizing Hillary an effective strategy? 

Although Artisan Promoters ESTP seem to be outwardly full of themselves, they are often seen as the guy or gal that anyone could have a beer with, while laughing together, swapping funny jokes and stories.  They don’t seem to take themselves too seriously.  So when Trump makes his outlandish statements, his supporters simply laugh it off because he’s just the fun guy to have over at any party.  This has a lot to do with why he’s often been referred to as the “Blue-collar Billionaire.”

Rational Masterminds INTJ, on the other hand, are seen as being sophisticated, smarter than everyone else, cool, calm, and collected.  They are seen as the measured, steady person who is always on top of their s***.  But, to many, this kind of demeanor can be perceived as being distant, aloof, snooty, and elitist, giving off an air of superiority.  They’re not seen as the guy or gal to share laughs, jokes, and talk about crass, inappropriate, improper things. (It certainly doesn’t help that she is known to be the candidate who attends lavish fundraisers over town hall meetings.  In her most recent fundraising event where she raised more than 6 million dollars, she referred to half of the Trump supporters as a “basket of deplorables.”)


Humanizing a Rational Mastermind INTJ can be a challenge, because they naturally give off the aura they do.  They can sometimes come across as the “know-it-all,” (but, more times than not, they do know more than just about everyone.)  The campaign has been seeking to make her come across as more empathetic, and they have also tried to make her seem like that fun gal you’d invite to your backyard BBQ.  The efforts to make a Rational Mastermind INTJ more human can often come across as just a lot of pretending, and can often backfire, making them come across as pretentious rather than authentic.

Creating a superman myth for an Artisan Promoter ESTP, however, is quite easy.  It allows them to just be themselves.  Their larger than life personality is encouraged. Their charisma, and over-the-top statements, make them come off as bold, daring, and courageous.  They don’t come across as being on top of their s***, rather, they come off as not giving a s*** about anyone, or anything.  And this is what makes them both human and superhuman.

It’ll be interesting to see how Hillary and Trump do in the debates.  It appears that Hillary has the advantage from a knowledge perspective.  She knows a lot.  However, we have seen Trump demolish all of his opponents in the primaries because he was able to bully everyone, using his tough, alpha-dog presence on the debate stage. 

The mud slinging doesn’t seem to get anywhere.  Trump has said of Hillary on many occassions, “She has A LOT to hide.”  And over the past month, as noted in our last blog post, the media has jumped on this band wagon, criticizing her for staying hidden.  This week, the countdown on the number of days for not doing a press release ended when she came out and said to the media on a plane ride to Florida, “He clearly has something to hide, we don’t know exactly what it is, but we’re getting better guesses about what it probably is.  and if he’s going to pursue this campaign, he owes it to the American people to come clean and release those tax returns.” 

They sound just like each other.  Hopefully, their true colors will be revealed as we get closer to election day.

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